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Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in one of Africa’s most captivating destinations? Look no further! Dikop Tours & Safaris is your trusted companion in crafting unforgettable experiences in Tanzania. With our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, we are committed to designing a personalized tour package that caters to your unique preferences and interests. Get ready to discover the wonders of Tanzania with us!

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Designing Your Perfect Tanzania Tour Package:

We understand that every traveler is unique, and that’s why we offer tailor-made tour packages that can be customized according to your preferences. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline-fueled adventure, a romantic honeymoon getaway, a family-friendly vacation, or a cultural immersion, we have the expertise to curate the perfect itinerary for you.

At Dikop Tours & Safaris, we pride ourselves on being a leading tour operator specializing in Tanzania. With years of experience in the industry, our team of passionate experts has an in-depth understanding of the country’s diverse landscapes, rich wildlife, and vibrant cultures. We are committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is seamlessly planned and executed.


Discover the beauty of Tanzania with our carefully crafted tour packages. Immerse yourself in the incredible wildlife of the Serengeti, witness the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater, and explore the cultural heritage of local tribes. Our packages cater to every traveler, whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or a combination of both. Choose from our range of options, including thrilling safari experiences, beach getaways in Zanzibar, and mountain treks up Mount Kilimanjaro. With Dikop Tours & Safaris, you can trust that your Tanzania tour package will be designed to exceed your expectations, providing you with an unforgettable journey through this magnificent country.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Tanzania Safari Destinations & Packages

Tanzania is renowned for its exceptional safari destinations. The top ones include Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, and Selous Game Reserve.

The best time to visit Tanzania for a safari depends on your interests. The dry season from June to October offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, especially during the Great Migration in the Serengeti. The wet season from November to May is ideal for birdwatching and experiencing the lush landscapes.

Tanzania is home to an incredible array of wildlife. During your safari, you can expect to see iconic animals such as lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos, zebras, giraffes, wildebeests, and numerous bird species. Additionally, certain areas are known for specific wildlife encounters, such as tree-climbing lions in Lake Manyara or endangered wild dogs in Selous.

Absolutely! Tanzania offers the perfect combination of thrilling wildlife safaris and idyllic beach escapes. The Zanzibar Archipelago, with its pristine white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, is a popular choice. Other coastal areas like Mafia Island and Pemba Island also provide serene beach experiences.

    • Tanzania safaris can be a fantastic adventure for families with children. Many lodges and camps offer family-friendly accommodations and activities tailored to young ones. It’s important to choose destinations and activities suitable for children and ensure their safety during the safari experience.

Yes, most visitors to Tanzania require a visa. It’s recommended to check the visa requirements well in advance and apply accordingly. Visa on arrival is available at major airports and land border crossings, but it’s advisable to check with the Tanzanian embassy or consulate in your home country for the latest information.

Tanzania offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences. These include luxury lodges, tented camps, mobile camps, budget campsites, and exclusive private villas. Each provides a unique experience, from lavish comforts to an authentic bush camping atmosphere.

Yes, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro can be combined with a Tanzania safari. It’s recommended to plan for extra time before or after your safari to complete the trek. Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak and offers various routes catering to different skill levels.

At Dikop Tours & Safaris, we specialize in creating personalized tour packages. You can customize your safari by choosing the destinations, duration, activities, and accommodations that align with your preferences. Our expert team will work closely with you to design a tailor-made itinerary that meets your specific requirements.

Tanzania is generally considered a safe destination for travelers. However, it’s always recommended to take precautions, such as following the guidance of your guide or driver, staying informed about local conditions, and adhering to any safety instructions provided. Dikop Tours & Safaris prioritizes your safety and ensures all necessary measures are taken to provide a secure and enjoyable safari experience.

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